South Sudan Health Pooled Fund (HPF)

The Health Pooled Fund (HPF) is a three year fund of around £120 million to the delivery of essential health services and the achievement of the three main objectives of the national health sector development plan across six of South Sudanís ten states which are to:

  • Increase the utilisation and quality of health services, with emphasis on maternal and child health
  • Scale up health promotion and protection interventions so as to empower communities to take charge of their health
  • Strengthen institutional functioning, including governance and health system effectiveness, efficiency and equity

The HPF aims to achieve this through a comprehensive package of fiduciary and health system expertise for the establishment, management and use of the HPF at national, state, county and facility level in the Republic of South Sudan. The aim of the HPF project is a government-led health system in South Sudan that saves lives.

A major part of the project will be assisting the careful disbursement of service delivery funding to a large number of NGOs. HPI is responsible for providing strategic and technical support to strengthen health systems and capacity in the six states in relation to health planning, strengthening the health workforce, establishing the monitoring and evaluation framework and indicators, improving the effectiveness of health service delivery, building information systems such as HMIS, reinforcing leadership and governance and modernizing the use of medical products and technology.

The HPF is supported by the Australian Governmentís Overseas Aid Program (AusAid), the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the British Governmentís Department for International Development (DFID), the European Union (EU), and the Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

Contracted by DFID, Crown Agents is leading a consortium, on which HPI is a partner, to manage the HPF mechanism with the mandate to deliver the following outputs:

1. Stronger health facility-based service delivery through contracting, management, capacity building and performance monitoring of NGO service providers

2. Stronger health systems with a focus on capacity building in relation to health sector planning, management and oversight at national and state levels

3. Improved community governance and ownership through institutional strengthening

The HPI team will be led by Dr Emmanuel Sokpo, one of HPIís Senior Partners, and will work in collaboration with HISP to strengthen the Health Management Information System.