'How to Manage' series of health care technology guides

This series of guides on how to manage health care technology is the product of close cooperation between a number of experts in the field, funded by the UK Department for International Development. It was produced by consultants and advisers from organisations including Ziken International, ECHO International Health Services in the UK, FAKT in Germany, the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), GTZ, the Swiss Tropical Institute, and the Medical Research Council of South Africa.

The guides may be downloaded from the links below and used free of charge. However, we would be pleased if you let us know that you are using them, by emailing us at info@healthpartners-int.co.uk.

A further resource for Guide 2 is available at the OpenLearn Labspace.

Guide 1: How to Organize a System of Healthcare Technology Management

Guide 2: How to Plan and Budget for Healthcare Technology

Guide 3: How to Procure and Commission your Healthcare Technology

Guide 4: How to Operate your Healthcare Technology Effectively and Safely

Guide 5: How to Organize the Maintenance of your Healthcare Technology

Guide 6: How to Manage the Finances of your Healthcare Technology Management Team

A Spanish translation of the Ziken Guides and other resources are available for here. The six Guides were translated into Spanish by the efforts of the Biomedical Engineering faculty and students at Tec de Monterrey medical school in Monterrey, Mexico.

Está disponible para su descarga la traducción al español de las Guías de Ziken y otros recursos. Las seis Guías fueron traducidas al español por el personal académico del Departamento de Ingeniería Biomédica y estudiantes de la Escuela de Medicina y Ciencias de la Salud del Tecnológico de Monterrey en Monterrey, México.