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Equitable health care for all

Health Partners International (HPI) is a partnership dedicated to achieving equitable and universal health care.

We share skills, experience, knowledge and systems - between disciplines, within countries and across the work. Our goal is to help create health care that is:

  • accessible - for those in need, when and where they need care
  • affordable - for the country, the family and the individual
  • effective - in using resources efficiently and providing good quality care
  • fair - in the provision of care and the treatment of health workers

Established in 1995, HPI is a leading provider of international health sector expertise in health systems development, maternal and child health, communicable disease control and access to care.

HPI has successfully delivered over 700 health projects in over 40 countries, across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean, particularly in fragile states.

As a UK registered company, HPI is a partnership that is owned and managed by the people who do the work. 

We emphasize cost-effectiveness, impact and post-project sustainability in all our work. All our projects are client-led and build in-country capacity. We are committed to empowering the people we work with and follow principles of reciprocal knowledge transfer, skill sharing and local awareness.

Our portfolio includes an extensive range of in-house tools, approaches, software and methodologies for adapting for local use.